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Toland Road Landfill

Toland Road Landfill

Ventura County, California

Landfill Design, Construction and CQA

EBA was responsible for the complete design, permitting, construction management, and quality assurance for the 53-acre canyon landfill expansion. These tasks included a geocomposite liner (GCL and geomembrane) and LCRS design, preparation of design reports, construction plans, technical specifications, bid documents and CQA plans for Phase I, Phase IIA, and Phase IIB.

EBA additionally provided site engineering, construction management, and CQA services during construction of Phase I, Phase IIA, Phase IIB, and preliminary design of Phase III.

EBA provided the following services:

  • Prepared the Design Report and Final Construction Plans for the Phase I liner and provided CQA engineering support during Phase I liner construction
  • Prepared design report for construction approval of Phases IIA and IIB liners, LCRS, and ancillary facilities
  • Prepared construction bid documents, including: plans, specifications, and CQA Plan for Phases IIA and IIB liners and LCRS
  • Provided CQA services for composite liner and LCRS installation for Phases IIA and IIB, and final construction certification for approval of waste disposal
Toland Road Landfill
Toland Road Landfill