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EBA Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services

EBA Engineering has extensive experience performing land development and site engineering, as well as geotechnical evaluations on commercial, industrial, residential, and multi-family projects. EBA also has experience in site planning, land surveying, and construction services. EBA recognizes and understands the importance of coordination during design and plan preparation with other professionals who may be involved with a project. EBA has relevant background to support proponents of such projects, and can work effectively with the design team members and other professionals who may be engaged on a project, as well as with the regulatory agencies governing all facets of site improvement design and permitting.

EBA has provided site design for various projects throughout Northern and Central California. EBA’s civil engineering services include design of site improvements such as on-site and off-site roads, parking areas, domestic water and fire protection distribution systems, sewer systems, drainage improvements, storm water management systems, and erosion and sediment control.

Our Service Offerings Include:

Land Development & Site Engineering Design

Field & Construction Services

Civil Engineering Project

City Center Townhomes

EBA provided the planning, surveying, and civil engineering services for the development of a combination townhome and condominium complex with both residential and commercial units.
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Civil Engineering Project

Union City Fire Station Number 3

EBA was the civil and surveying subconsultant to Glass Architects on a new fire station for the community of Union City, California.
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