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EBA Civil Engineering Services

Sustainable Land Development / Site Engineering Design

EBA provides plans for grading, drainage, and flood control, including provisions for management of overland flow and surface drainage, storm drain systems, erosion and sedimentation control, and retention basins. Grading plans are prepared for solid waste facilities, commercial, residential, or industrial developments, and incorporate drainage facilities designed for site-specific conditions. Flood control systems include specifications such as canals, channels, weirs, dams and storm drains based on hydrologic and hydraulic design.

EBA’s roadway and utility design and construction experience includes all civil infrastructure normally associated with urban residential, commercial or industrial development projects. Some projects are fully urban, and all public utilities are available. Others may require development of on-site water supply and fire protection systems or on-site sewage disposal systems. Access design includes highway design, public roadways for residential and industrial use, and private drives for residential and agricultural uses.

Hillside developments or projects that include excavation and benching, require geotechnical evaluation in order to determine stability of the site. This evaluation provides a basis for design of building pads, side hill road access, subsurface utility placement, and an assessment of the erodibility of surface soils.

Civil Engineering Project

City Center Townhomes

EBA provided the planning, surveying, and civil engineering services for the development of a combination townhome and condominium complex with both residential and commercial units.
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Civil Engineering Project

Union City Fire Station Number 3

EBA was the civil and surveying subconsultant to Glass Architects on a new fire station for the community of Union City, California.
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