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Site Remediation


Site Remediation

Site remediation techniques are site-specific and contaminant-specific activities designed to contain, control or eliminate contamination that could have an adverse environmental impact or restore environmentally degraded sites to acceptable conditions.

EBA personnel have extensive experience identifying, designing, constructing and operating the most efficient, feasible and cost-effective remediation alternative for a specific site. The determination of the most feasible means for site remediation is typically evaluated using a variety of treatment methodologies and processes.

One soil-based treatment methodology is excavation and physical removal of impacted materials; thereby reducing potential impacts to groundwater and surrounding areas. EBA has performed many significant excavations of USTs and surrounding soil to remove contaminated source materials. In many instances the removal of the source materials has been completely successful in attaining cleanup objectives and site closure. Soil vapor extraction (SVE) is another soil-based treatment methodology that EBA has used successfully at several sites. EBA uses SVE to remove contaminants in soil that are inaccessible by excavation and in instances where the contaminant of concern is sufficiently volatile to lend itself to remediation by vapor extraction methods.

EBA also has extensive experience utilizing groundwater-based treatment methodologies that include ozone sparging, in-situ chemical oxidation, and groundwater pump and treat systems. These technologies have been applicable to many sites and have proven to be effective in the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater.

EBA has had extensive experience using dual phase extraction (DPE) systems that combine SVE with pump and treat techniques to remediate both soil and groundwater simultaneously. DPE has been successfully used via mobile systems for several sites located in the area. The use of DPE can be a powerful tool to remediate soil and groundwater-impacted sites, and we have found the technology to be generally applicable and cost effective.

Feasibility Testing

Feasibility testing is a key component of the design and operational requirements of site remediation systems. EBA performs a variety of feasibility testing including step drawdown and recovery aquifer tests, ozone sparge testing, soil vapor extraction testing and dual phase extraction testing. The results of this feasibility testing are used to determine the characteristics of the aquifer and subsurface lithology and to evaluate the viability of applicable remedial systems for site cleanup.

The results of feasibility testing are integral to developing a site investigation and cleanup, and to ensure the proper application of remedial technologies for a property’s specific soil and groundwater characteristics. The success of remediation as a result of adequate feasibility testing cannot be over emphasized.

Closure Activities

Closure activities for environmental investigations include the presentation of scientifically viable rationale given the specific site location and extent of impacts. Given the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s strict water quality objectives, EBA’s established and working relationship with the key regulatory agencies and extensive knowledge of closure prerequisites provide direct benefit to our clients with respect to closure. EBA has closed many sites under a variety of regulatory frameworks.

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