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Solid Waste Engineering Services

EBA has been involved in all aspects of solid waste engineering and management for 30 years. As a result of this long history, EBA has developed an extensive background and experience in the various types of tasks required at solid waste facilities. Our scope of services include permitting, design, construction quality assurance (CQA) and reporting for a variety of different types of facilities and components for landfills, landfill gas (LFG) collection systems, transfer stations, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), household hazardous waste facilities (HHWFs), and composting facilities.

Facility Master Planning

EBA emphasizes an integrated approach to project master planning, working closely with our clients on analysis, planning, and design concepts. This close working relationship provides a high degree of creative problem-solving capability, and has proven invaluable to our clients.

Facility Master Plans can include:

  • Preparation of long-range countywide master plans and Integrated Waste Management Plans
  • Preliminary evaluation of alternatives, economic comparisons, haul cost versus disposal cost
  • Feasibility analyses for waste management facilities; fatal flaw analyses
  • Preparation of conceptual facility plans for disposal sites, transfer stations, MRFs, HHWFs, and compost sites
  • Conceptual site facility plans may include conceptual grading and site development layouts, building elevations, sufficient for comparison to alternative scenarios

Comprehensive Design and Permitting of New Facilities

EBA provides a total package of design and permitting services to bring a proposed new facility from conceptual planning to approval for construction. EBA will prepare all the necessary plans, specifications, and design reports required for permitting, bidding, and construction. Design services include preliminary site layouts, waste stream analyses, cost estimates, preparation of improvement plans for roads, site grading and utilities, building plans, equipment layout, specifications, and related construction documents.

CQA Construction & Field Inspection

EBA is able to serve as the CQA monitor, coordinating the services of in-house or subcontracted technicians and laboratories. CQA services entail testing and observation of test pads for clay liners and covers, including: field permeability tests; testing and observation of placement and compaction of clay and geosynthetics; surveying documentation and preparation of as-built drawings; and preparation of Construction Certification Reports.

An important part of landfill liner and cover design is the development of CQA Plans, which provide the means of construction and documentation to meet strict regulations. EBA prepares the CQA Plans based on the geotechnical investigations for the particular site, and implements the plans during construction.

Design of Passive & Active Landfill Gas Collection/ Control Systems

EBA has been involved in a wide array of landfill gas (LFG) activities at landfill sites throughout California and the world. These activities have included initial characterization, control system design, field CQA, and post-closure monitoring. The services have been performed to comply with 27CCR requirements, federal guidelines (i.e., New Source Performance Standards [NSPS]), and/or local air pollution control district (APCD) rules and regulations.

Monitoring of Gas Migration, Air, Soil, Surface Water and Groundwater Quality and Leachate

EBA can provide all necessary monitoring, operation, and maintenance services to ensure the control of gas migration and air, soil, surface water, and groundwater quality.

Leachate collection, removal and treatment is also a concern at landfill sites. Subtitle D requires all new landfills or lateral expansions to have a leachate collection and removal system (LCRS). EBA uses the HELP computer model to calculate future leachate generation quantities to design an LCRS to meet Subtitle D requirements. EBA will then assess various alternate leachate treatment methods and provide the appropriate design. EBA has provided LCRS design services for a number of landfill sites in association with waste management unit (WMU) base liner systems. These designs specify leachate extraction pumps, liquid level controls, conveyance piping, electrical, and storage facilities.

Closure and Post Closure Maintenance Plans

Many landfills that cannot meet new regulations or have environmental problems are being required to close. EBA has extensive experience in the preparation of both Preliminary and Final Closure / Post-Closure Maintenance Plans (CPCMPs), which include all the mandated analyses, design, and construction documents, and cost estimates. Closure design may include assessment of alternate cover systems such as geocomposite clay liners or geomembranes.

Construction and Industrial Stormwater Permitting & Compliance

EBA prepares construction and industrial stormwater permits in accordance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) structure and process. These services include the preparation of a SWPPP related to the site activities, permit application, preparation and implementation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and monitoring the effectiveness of the plans.

EBA employs Qualified Stormwater Developers (QSDs) and Qualified Stormwater Practitioners (QSPs) in accordance with the 2009-2009 Construction General Permit.

EBA personnel also perform all necessary monitoring and inspection to ensure permit compliance including, stormwater sampling and annual report preparation.

Civil Engineering Project

Hanford Landfill Closure

EBA was responsible for the preparation of the final closure and post-closure maintenance plans for this landfill. 
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Civil Engineering Project

Toland Road Landfill

EBA was responsible for the complete design, permitting, construction management and quality assurance for the 53-acre canyon landfill expansion. 
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