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Working with EBA Engineering

At EBA we take a comprehensive approach to solving your project issues. Our Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering departments work closely together on many projects. This approach provides you with an efficient, knowledgeable, and effective partner.

Deep Experience

With over 40 years in business and over $500,000,000 in development projects, EBA brings a tremendous depth of experience to your project team. Our principals are active project participants and can often spot potential problems before they happen—saving you from costly project downtime.

Extensive Expertise

We have worked with over 2000 clients in California and around the World. We focus our energies on helping our clients to achieve the highest value and best use of their property. To do this, we use our broad knowledge to inform the process and drive improved decision making. Better decisions from the start mean less rework and design changes during the project; thereby achieving superior results.

Regulatory Relationships

We have worked with over 90% of the California counties, often handling the difficult regulatory process. These valuable agency relationships allow us to effectively guide projects toward a successful outcome. Our understanding of the process and how to reach a solution enable us to make compliance easier for both the client and the agencies.

Trusted Results

As our clients will tell you, we are their trusted partner in building a successful project. We are a flexible firm who can deliver a turnkey solution, or work effectively as part of your project team. Our rapid response is well known in the industry, as we can quickly provide options and expertise that enable projects to proceed. As an industry leader in Civil and Environmental Engineering, EBA is the right choice for your project.

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